Our workshops are designed specifically for people who have not had training in professional therapeutic disciplines.  Since our inception in 2013 we have presented numerous workshops across the country at schools and in NGO settings. 
We offer the following workshops on request:

Narrative Practices: Teacher/Youth worker focus

As Narrative Practitioners experienced in using a Narrative Approach in Educational settings, we have accumulated a vast collection of encouraging ideas and skills that we love to share. Narrative Practice ideas have supported us in finding Creative ways to actively engage with children and young people in their everyday school contexts. We have also collaborated with wonderful teachers over the past 15 years, implementing Narrative ideas and practices in Preschool, Primary and High school settings … supporting them in making a significant difference to the lives of children and young people they teach.
This two-day workshop is designed for teachers and other people working with children/teenagers/youth who wish to explore a Narrative Approach to further developing their conversational and lay-counseling skills.

Narrative Practices: Parenting focus

For the past 15 years we have gathered much experience in using Narrative ways when working with children and young people in family, community, school and private practice settings. It is our belief that parents, caregivers and other significant adults in children's lives are well placed to make a powerfully positive difference to the stories children tell about themselves ... and to the resilience with which they will face challenges along the way.
This one-day workshop is designed for adults parenting or supporting children and young people. The workshop focuses on Narrative Conversation as resilience development – where your children’s own abilities, skills, ideas, values, hopes and dreams can be made more visible to him/her and celebrated.

Active Witnessing as Transformative Practice

In this workshop we demonstrate how the way you listen can change the story, and the effects of the story being told ... and how the way you listen can change the life lived beyond that storytelling. The workshop is suited to people wanting to contribute to the development of hopeful narratives in their daily dealings with others and in the course of their everyday interactions.  Particular focus is given to the recruitment of witnesses and the facilitation of the transformative process.
This one-day workshop is designed for people working in Organisational settings (e.g. Health Care, NPO’s, Industry and Education).

Story Harvesting

In building Monitoring & Evaluation capacity, our own experience in the NPO sector has taught us that there are often rich and meaningful stories hidden in the ordinary details of people’s working lives. Designed for organisations and HR practitioners interested in discovering, generating and harvesting stories of meaning and impact, the workshop also has a strong ‘Caring for the Carer’ focus.
This two-day workshop aims to build Monitoring & Evaluation capacity amongst people working for NPO’s.

Creative writing & music jam

For the past fifteen years we have engaged in creative ways of working in community, school and private practice settings.  In this workshop we share our experiences of story writing, bookmaking, poetry, drama and songwriting as therapeutic resources. This one-day workshop for adults working with children and young people is packed with examples of our creative work with young people.

Customised workshops

These workshops are geared to your specific needs. Please set up a meeting to discuss with us.