Voice : An Introduction to Narrative Practice workshops                   

In 2019 we will be running the following workshops:

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As a Co-op we are particularly interested in making Narrative Therapy available as an everyday practice to people who, through their involvement in communities, hope to have a positive effect on the lives of others. We refer to this everyday practice as Narrative Practice.

  • Voice for Principals, teachers and others working with young people in schools/ other organizations : A six-hour introductory workshop

  • Voice for Parents : A six-hour introductory workshop      

  • Voice for Leaders of small organizations and NPO’s seeking to bring a Narrative Stance to organizational culture : A six-hour introductory workshop

  • Voice:  With young people - including poetry, jamming, drawing: A three hour workshop.

Once you have attended a Voice workshop with us, you might wish to continue the conversation, you are invited to join one of our Narratively Speaking conversation groups. Read more about our Conversation Groups here.