The Voice Project

The Voice Project is our response to the harsh societal realities affecting young people’s lives in South Africa. Over the years we have witnessed the difference Narratively orientated teachers, principals and youth care workers make by actively creating contexts in which young people can begin to re-story their lives. Our intention is  to help foster a Narrative ethos in communities, where everyone is aligned around preferred values and intentions for the wellbeing of children. We believe that Narrative Practice offers the means of transforming whole  communities into heartbeats of social justice and care.

 The Cape Town Narrative Co-Op now offers an Introductory workshop  specifically designed to introduce Narrative Practice to school principals and directors of NPO’s and their staff. 

Our training and combined working experience brings a depth of perspective, making our workshops relevant for people working in all areas - from early childhood to young adulthood education.

 Practicalities of the project

Focusing on a re-storying and response-based philosophy of practice, the Voice Project invites principals/ CEO’s who want to take Narrative ideas into their communities, to approach us to run the Voice Project at their school or NPO.

The Voice Project starts with three Introduction to Narrative workshops. Each of these workshops are two hours in length and will be presented at the school/organization.
After the introductory workshops, we offer ongoing on-site Narrative mentoring around specific themes.