The Forres School Project

Forres School is a pre- and primary school in Rondebosch. It is one of the first schools to pioneer and light up with Narrative Practice as whole school community practice in South Africa. It has a strong Narrative Practice track record spanning over the past 10 years where Linda has worked alongside Kim van der Hoven (Director at Forres) and continues to consult to the school on an ongoing basis. Over time, Narrative Practice has become the guiding/central ethos of the school in all areas of development and management. To this end, Narrative Practice is trained at the school on an ongoing basis with all staff required to participate and orientate their thinking along Narrative Practice principles. Ongoing weekly Narrative Mentoring and Coaching is provided to support staff, pupils and parents in finding better narratives to work towards for the children (and families) in their care. Ground-breaking work is being done at the school in providing co-mentoring sessions to support staff  in finding best and appropriate ways of working with tricky problems that they and/or children may be needing to outsmart.

The Belongingness Project

The Belongingness Project developed in response to a need to find meaningful, relevant and pro-active ways of responding to some of the bigger questions and stories at the school: how to work with societal ideas of “the other”, including specific questions how to address for example, Diversity, Transformation, Discipline, Bullying, Ableism, Success … from a Narrative Practice orientation. Because we work in an ever-changing society, and a school reflects this society, the development of this exciting project is of necessity ongoing initiative and conversation at the school. Not a week goes by where a new question pops up for the school find wisdom on and to respond to. Linda, Kim and Kim’s dedicated team engage in regular development work on what has now become known as The Belongingness Project. To date there are a number of workshops that have been developed and are integrated into the Life Orientation programs at the school that offer a Narrative Practice response to these questions. Engaging the support of her dynamic, supportive team, Kim works thoughtfully and tirelessly, hoping to ensure that no child, family or member of staff should experience that terrible sense of un-belongingness in this vibrant school community.