Private Practice


Linda van Duuren

I am based at the Cape Town Narrative Co-op in Mowbray, Cape Town, where I consult as a Narrative Practitioner with children, families, schools, non-profit and small business organizations in the areas of personal and organizational development and transformation.   

Apart from individual counseling with children and adults, I am living out my dream of bringing Narrative ideas and practices into the everyday lives of teachers, parents, and others living and/or working with children… through Narrative coaching, teaching and training.  I also consult to some small business leaders, offering a Narrative perspective to organizational health, conversation and change.


Thérèse Hulme

I am a Narrative therapist with eighteen years of counseling experience. I hold a doctoral degree in Pastoral therapy from UNISA.  I have a special interest in conversations with people who are experiencing

  • a crossroads in their lives.

  • bereavement associated with divorce, death and the emigration of loved ones.

  • the terminal phase of illnesses such as Alzheimers and cancer of loved ones

  • professional burnout. 

I am also experienced in conversations with children and young people and their families. I worked for ten years as a primary school counselor. 

I also support people who are working in the helping professions, and in NGO and cross-cultural contexts.