What is Narrative Therapy?  

Narrative Therapy was originally developed by social workers, Michael White (Australia) and David Epston (New Zealand). Their exploratory work first became known in the 1980’s and 1990’s as an alternative approach to counselling, therapeutic practice and community work. Since this time Narrative Therapy has travelled the globe."

The Narrative metaphor is used to describe the way we create stories about our lives in order to make sense of our lives. These stories influence the meaning we make of life events and the way we live out our lives. As Narrative Practitioners we understand that lives are multi-storied or multi-tracked and that there are many preferred narratives to be discovered. Therefore, Narrative is not simply about 'telling one's story'. It is about recognising and developing preferred story lines for one’s life, community or organisation.

Narrative Practice at the Co-op

As a Co-op, we are particularly interested in making Narrative Therapy available as an everyday practice to people who, through their involvement in their communities, hope to have a positive effect on the lives of others. We refer to this everyday practice as Narrative Practice. 

Our Logo

We inverted commas as our Co-op logo because it is the symbol for voice.