Inspiring Narrative Conversations with the staff of Cape SPCA

We spent a wonderful four hours yesterday introducing the whole staff at the Cape SPCA to Narrative Practice. We went with the intention of teaching about how changing stories can change lives, and returned with much more than we expected... We learnt much about what an ethic of care looks like in daily practice... We witnessed heart-wrenching stories of the kinds of neglect and cruelty towards animals humankind is capable of... and heart-warming stories of the difference that their EMPATHY, COURAGE, WISDOM, INGENUITY and MUTUAL CARE make to the lives to animals and people. These are the often untold stories of the unsung heroes - the people working for this dynamic organisation based in Grassy Park. Thank you to Moyo and Collette for imagining a connection between the work of the Cape Town Narrative Co-op and the work of the Cape SPCA. As you said to us, Collette, “It is simple: the task of being human is to alleviate suffering”. 

Colette Mang, director of the Cape SPCA, wrote this on facebook about the workshop: “Sometimes we all just need some time to stop and reflect. It makes us more powerful. It makes us more humble. It strengthens us in the fight for a better world. Our lives are our stories. Let us write them well and if need be edit them often. Thank you Therese and Linda for an inspiring day and for making us stop to think about the importance of our stories.”