Our ‘Voice’ Workshops go to Kronendal Primary in Hout Bay

We have been welcomed over the past weeks by Mr Levendal and Kronendal Primary school staff with open arms…Set below the mountains, this beautiful school setting acts as a perfect backdrop for inspirational stories of doing hope in a primary school. During our three-part workshop, we have witnessed narratives of caring for children in a way that inspires us to continue teaching the Narrative Approach to schools such as this school, where an ethic of care is part of their daily practice. It is uplifting to hear teachers respond to what resonates in their working and personal lives. We look forward to watching a Narrative approach and philosophy grow and take root on these vibrant school grounds.

At the end of our workshop, we invited participants to write letters about the meaning of Voice to George Ducharme and Francois Conradie, sponsors of the workshops. Here are some excerpts:

Dear George and Francois..

- “Wow! What a truly inspiring, uplifting 6 hours I have spent in the Voice workshops... Listening to the two fantastic ladies relate how I can become empowered and aware, how to help the children in my care, has been amazing. What an extraordinary gift you have given Kronendal school (and me).”

- “Thank you for choosing our school.. This has been a moving, exciting, happy, wondering time. It didn’t fade between sessions. I felt it snowballed between each session..”

- “I would like to thank you for the inspirational, stimulating and thought- provoking narrative workshop that I attended and participated in ... The emotions caused me to reflect on my life, as a individual, as a teacher and as a father..”

-  “The Narrative Training was so wonderful! So often as teachers we are so busy, always rushing, often stressed... How lovely to be forced (in a good way) to sit still and just listen to the genuine gentleness of Linda & Therese and learn.. to really see the goodness in every child, and to speak & act in a way that affirms them. Our country has so much anger and turmoil, and it often feels that our task is overwhelming.. But this course has relit the little flame in me, the one that convinces me that it’s the children that are going to turn our country around... How I wish that every teacher in every school could adopt this approach. When our schools get it right, our jails will be empty.”