April marks the 5th birthday of the Co-Op!

We have much to celebrate!

Our first naming of the co-op happened over a coffee and a dreaming-forward discussion, where the concept of a  Co-op “downloaded” out of thin air…”What about calling ourselves the Cape Town Narrative Co-op?”…it was one of those moments where the air went still and we looked at each other and said, “Yes! Let’s do it” 

Co-op is the perfect word for our work in Narrative Practice - 

  • adjective = involving mutual assitance in working towards a common goal.
  • noun = a farm, business or organisation which is run jointly by its members.
  • synonyms = co-authorship, collaborative, collective, communal, combined, joint, shared, mutual, united, unified, allied, concerted, co-ordinated, interactive, unanimous, harmonious, coactive

Our five years of teaching, coaching and training together as the Cape Town Narrative Co-op reflects our approach and implementation of our work.

We teach together, plan together and dream together…always led by needs/requests that are identified locally and responding by developing tailor-made teaching material.

To date our work has crept into various corners of South Africa, including Natal, the Eastern Cape and mostly around our home - the Western Cape. The responses to our workshops and Narrative coaching have warmed our enthusiasm to do more…to step further into our dream and conviction that these beautiful ideas and ways need to be made accessible to everyday people living everyday lives.

We have developed, taught, trained, mentored and coached the following Narrative Practice concepts to parents, teachers, facilitators and others working with children and young people:

  • Narrative Practice as developing preferred stories in community contexts.
  • Introduction to Narrative Practice (our basic workshop) offered to people who want to learn about Narrative Practice and its possible application to their personal lives and/or the lives of their organisations.
  • Narrative principals - The Voice Project has been conceptualised to reach school Principals and leaders in organisations working with young people...….
  • Narrative Practice as Whole School Practice (training and development of NP as whole school practice at a school)
  • Bullying: an invitation to responsibility as Whole School Practice -  Bullying has become a popular topic at schools (and other organisations) and we are regularly asked about our approach to this worrying and increasingly evidenced problem in our schools and communities. Narrative Therapist, Alan Jenkins has been a strong guide in this aspect of our work.
  • Transformation, Discourses and Culture: inviting a Narrative approach to en-culturing belongingness (workshop for schools / small organisation)
  • Narrative Parenting - workshop inviting Narrative ideas to support the development of preferred stories about children and families..