Narrative co-op schools

    •    Forres school, Rondebosch: This is one of the first schools to light up with Narrative Practice as whole school practice in South Africa and has a strong Narrative Practice track record spanning over ten years. On Saturday 10 June, a generative and heart-warming morning get-together was held with the school leaders, support staff and parent community, who volunteered to meet on the topic of Diversity, Transformation and Belongingness.  Kim van der Hoven’s opening address introduced our Belongingness Project initiative as well as the rest of the work we have done collaboratively over the past few years.  Her address was one where you might have heard a pin drop in the room…relevant, insightful and totally on the mark of what working with Diversity means in a primary school context. Those at my group table were visibly moved.

    •    Engaging the support of her dynamic, supportive team, Kim works thoughtfully and tirelessly hoping to ensure that no child, family or member of staff should experience that terrible sense of Unbelongingness in this vibrant school community. The Narrative Co-op has spent a number of years working alongside this school, and continues to consult on an ongoing basis. Thumbs up to Forres: An insider-experience on Saturday morning tells me that this work of Inviting Belongingness is the way to go!