Our 'Narrative Practice in Schools' workshops go local

The Springfield & Pinelands North Primary Collections

We are still on a high after meeting awesome teachers, counsellors and social workers during our March and April workshops at Springfield and Pinelands North Primary.  We twice spent an uplifting 16 hours with people who were interested in bring Narrative ideas into their own everyday practices. Special thanks to Gabby, Janet, Lisa and Joanne. Your enthusiasm for Narrative started something really special for all of us..

Here is a sampler of the feedback we received from the School Counsellors who attended our workshop at Springfield:

Rosemarie: "What I take home is to be more creative and not fall into the trap of becoming 'so boring at times' and getting stuck and frustrated. Through your approach to counselling a new meaning emerges - so simple in many ways but yet so amazing and meaningful.." 

Lisa E : "I simply love the approach you ( as Narrative therapists) take to empower people in our country to take a stand against bullying and abuse. It is a political issue...Through the medium of poetry, letters, bookwriting, blogs, drama, each person who felt marginalised can speak out. This is a dream come true...I can see that, as a therapeutic process, it is 'decolonising' those attributes that we take on in South Africa: that we are not worthy; do not matter; have no part to play. Thank you for making visible the invisible."

Gabby: "How can I even begin to tell you what I have gained from this experience? It has been a great joy to me personally, professionally and interpersonally.."

Here are things some of the teachers at Pinelands North Primary had to say about our workshop:

Haley: "Wow. Firstly thank you so much for engaging both my brain and emotions with such simple yet powerful teachings. I am personally taking away the fact that I may not be able to change my past but I can change the narrative of it. I can then define myself by my preferred story. As a teacher I am so excited to be able to recognise that I am a witness to so many precious little lives. That I can daily challenge myself to listen and to look for the 'spaces' and help navigate them (children) to their preferred stories. This is such a powerful, life changing and healing 'therapy'/practice. SO POSITIVE! Lastly what a relief to know that I dont have to help 'fix' the problem or have all the answers - as we often do... Thank you again for a 'life/ career' changing course."

Leonore: "Thank you Thérèse and Linda for making me both see the small stitches of the tapestry and believe that I can add stitches too.."

Toni: "I feel like these past two days have changed/ shifted/ ignited something huge in me. I loved every single thing about the path we journeyd together. The honest, real, raw stories. The live input. The way you let the feelings in the room lead you. The way you gave us time to let things sink in. The way you gave us a platform to voice our 'aha!' moments. Narrative practice is such a wonder. I will carry it with me in my work, my personal life and my heart. Thank you. Thank you."