Linda van Duuren

Consultant & Narrative Practitioner
Phone: 0845552346

Academic qualifications

 MTh Practical Theology with Specialisation in Pastoral Therapy (cum laude)
PG Dip Ed (UCT)
Psychology 1, 2 & 3 for non-degree purposes (UCT) (cum laude)
DSE Remedial (UCT) (cum laude)
B Prim Ed (UCT)

 Brief personal description 

In 2002 I completed a master’s degree in Pastoral Therapy with a specialisation in Narrative Therapy.  My UNISA Masters Thesis title is Children’s Voices on Bereavement and Loss.  My earlier career years were dedicated to teaching in both formal and informal educational settings (including early childhood, primary, secondary, specialised, as well as adult education). Once qualified in Narrative ways, there was a natural movement of my interest towards taking these ideas and practices back to the educational settings I knew so well. Since my initial training in Narrative Therapy, I have focussed on the application and development of Narrative Practice in a variety of contexts. 

I am based at the Cape Town Narrative Co-op in Mowbray, Cape Town, where I consult as a Narrative Practitioner wdith children, families, schools, non-profit and small business organizations in the areas of personal and organizational development and transformation.   

Current Narrative focus:
Apart from individual counseling with children and adults, I am living out my dream of bringing Narrative ideas and practices into the everyday lives of teachers, parents, and others living and/or working with children… through Narrative coaching, teaching and training.  I also consult to some small business leaders, offering a Narrative perspective to organizational health, conversation and change.

Dr Thérèse Hulme

Consultant & Narrative Practitioner
Phone: 0834504606

Academic qualifications

MTh (UNISA) (cum laude) 
BA Hons (UP)(cum laude) 
BA Drama (UP)

 Brief personal description

For the past sixteen years I have worked as an independent narrative practitioner in private practice and as a counsellor, researcher, poet, trainer, coach, community worker and narrative practitioner in various organisational settings in the Western Cape.

I am particularly drawn to working in marginalised social settings. My work with children and young people as a school counselor and poet led me to also support and train teachers and carers of young people. In 2010, I completed a doctoral degree in Pastoral Therapy with specialisation in Narrative Therapy, based on Narrative practices in a school community.  Over the years, I have also initiated several creative writing and songwriting projects with young people in marginalised settings.  My work with and for NPO’s - I worked for three years as Research and Development Co-ordinator for a Cape Town Non-Profit Organisation -  has shaped my understanding of this sector.  

I have worked as a trainer and coach for the Radical Respectful Relationship Project of the Institute for Transdisciplinary Development (ITD) at a mine and smelter in the Western Cape.  This cross-cultural, cross-gender project involved individual as well as group sessions aimed at developing and supporting practices of self-reflexivity and accountability. In addition to my training and coaching I continue a small word-of-mouth private Narrative practice.